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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Public Relations (PR) at LIC Project

This is a study of how LIC manages its public relations.

Design of study
In today’s modern and fast world Insurance is gaining a lot of importance. This obviously means that the Insurance organizations are also prospering, yet they practice PR. So to know what are the activities they perform I have taken the topic of PR.

Objectives behind the project:-
1) To get an insight through the concept of PR.
2) To know what are the activities performed by LIC.
3) To see whether what is being described in the theory of PR whether it is exact or not.

Limitations of the project:-
The project includes only those theory aspects which are very essential for understanding the art of PR very well.
Also it includes the PR campaign of only one company because in the field if Insurance LIC is the one who has a very good PR campaign.


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